Gumptown Spotlight: Charles “Chuck” James: Serious Injury Law Group, P.C.


By Mikala McCurry

Growing up, Chuck James always felt compelled to take up for those who were taken advantage of or bullied. “I would get into a lot of fights defending kids who were picked on for whatever reason. I had a moral compass that led me to believe everyone deserved to be treated fairly. My parents instilled that in me early on,” James said. Fortunately for his clients, he now takes that same fighting spirit and passion for justice into the courtroom. His law firm, Serious Injury Law Group, P.C., handles personal injury, medical malpractice and wrongful death lawsuits against large corporations such as hospitals, trucking companies, and product manufacturers.  

James and his Firm do not shy away from difficult or complex legal matters. “We never shy away from a fight, especially when our clients have been wronged. Each day, I wake up excited knowing that I get to go against big insurance companies who place their own profits over the needs of my hurting clients and their families.” 

He is the proud husband of Montgomery County Circuit Court, Judge LLoria James. Although he enjoys practicing law, he says his most rewarding job is being a self professed “Girl Dad” to his two daughters. “As a husband and father, I know how important family dynamics are. If a parent or child is injured, that can be absolutely tragic physically, mentally and financially. My job is to hold that insurance company or corporation accountable to my clients and help them get financially compensated for the loss they’ve suffered.”  

Chuck believes in putting 100% into every case the Serious Injury Law Group handles. As a local law firm in Montgomery, Chuck believes that it is his Firm’s responsibility to make sure that hospitals, 18 wheelers and big insurance companies know that certain safety standards must be upheld in Montgomery and the surrounding areas like Selma, Tuskegee, Union Springs and Hayneville. “We take our responsibility to protect the communities we serve very seriously. We work extremely hard to get good results. We strive to make our clients feel satisfied and vindicated when that case gets resolved,” he said. 

In order to give clients the best outcome possible, Serious Injury Law Group is selective about the cases they take.

“We don’t take every case that comes to us. We know bad things happen to good people, but there are some instances where we can’t help people. It is not necessarily the clients’ fault but  sometimes the law is not favorable or there is no insurance coverage for the accident.” Chuck said.

Chuck ended up going to law school at the University of Alabama with the idea of being a politician or a sports agent. He soon realized, however, that neither of those jobs were his calling. He graduated law school and went back to his hometown of Mobile, AL, and worked as a prosecutor at the Mobile County District Attorney’s Office. It was at that point that Chuck recognized the powerful impact that he could make as a lawyer.

“It was unique for a lot of reasons. I liked being a prosecutor because I could make sure that the playing field was level and that punishment was handed out fairly, regardless of people’s zip code or level of education. By being part of the ‘system’ I was able to be the change that I wanted to see happen.” Chuck said.

Chuck encourages the next generation to get directly involved to effectuate the change that they want to see in society.

“Instead of complaining about police brutality, enter law enforcement or become a lawyer and make that change. If you don’t like how our children are being educated, become a teacher, principal, or superintendent. If you think people of color and poor people are denied access to quality healthcare, become a doctor or nurse. We must participate in society and be active because if you’re not at the table, then you’re on the menu,” Chuck said.

With this goal of change in mind, Chuck moved to Montgomery in 2003 to work with legal legends Johnny Cochran and Jock M. Smith at their law office in Tuskegee. They mentored him and showed him how to change the world through the civil justice system. For two decades, Chuck has spent his entire career fighting injustice.

The idea for establishing the Serious Injury Law Group was born in the mid 90’s at the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity house at the University of Alabama. It was there that Chuck and his two Fraternity brothers, his partner Gerald Brooks and David Brown, talked about one day joining forces and forming their own law firm. In 2013, that dream became a reality and the Serious Injury Law Group, P.C. was formed. 

“Gerald and I started the Firm while practicing law out of our cars and on cellphones. We’ve taken that dream and transformed it into the largest African-American owned law firm in the state of Alabama. We have lawyers leaving larger, well-known firms to come work with us because of our reputation for getting results for the clients and communities we serve,” Chuck said.

Through the Serious Injury Law Group, Chuck strives to inspire others, give young people something to emulate, and give back to the next generation.

“Giving back to the community is important to us. Unlike a lot of lawyers you see on television, we live in the communities we serve. We want to give back to those who have given so much to us. For example, last year our Firm gave out over $65,000 in scholarships to high school seniors and other deserving students,” Chuck said.

Chuck also hosts a radio show each Tuesday on Praise 96.5 FM to highlight positive and informative things happening in Montgomery. “We intentionally seek guests each week who will educate, motivate, and spiritually elevate our listeners,” he said. Ultimately, Chuck and the Serious Injury Law Group are committed to the city and ensuring the safety of our community,

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