Surrender Experience 2017: Helping Women Overcome to Maximize


MONTGOMERY, AL – January 17, 2017 – As some celebrate the New Year, there are many women who feel stuck in a place of hopelessness. They are desperate for relational support and longing to find a way of escape living a purposeless life.

Have you ever felt that you were just merely existing?

Kim Vaughn and Tasha M Scott are two friends who identify wholeheartedly with women who are ready to discover their life’s purpose. 

They are teaming up to bring you the Surrender Experience.  On Sunday, January 29, 2017 at the Sanctuary in Montgomery, you’re invited to join them for a night of breakthrough!

The Surrender Experience is a live event designed to empower women to begin their journey of clarity.  Kim Vaughn, a mentor and Christian Recording Artist will lead a power packed worship service and Tasha M. Scott, an author and transformational speaker will deliver an inspirational message.

Kim and Tasha have motivated hundreds of women through their mentoring programs.

 “I left the “Experience” feeling like I learned what my purpose is in life. That is huge! This three -time battle with breast cancer is not for me.  It is for other women to know that if God kept me he surely will keep them. I’ve gotta get it right and tell, tell the world. God is definitely a healer and keeper! I AM his witness!”  Melanie Chillous

If you are ready to release negativity, celebrate life and unleash your God-given potential in 2017, The Surrender Experience is for you!

To learn more about the upcoming Experience, visit You may also contact either Kim Vaughn or Tasha M. Scott for information on how to bring the Experience to you, or

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