Trenholm State Community College hosted Blackbelt Scholars Summer STEM Camp Students


Montgomery, AL (July 26, 2023) – Trenholm State Community College hosted students from the Blackbelt Scholars STEM Camp, a program that exposes middle and high school students in the Blackbelt area to science, math, engineering, and technology instructions that are not included in the regular classroom. 

The camp has provided students with four weeks of extensive exposure to STEM related work, careers, and research, through hands-on activities, as well as through the use of technology. Students have also participated in weekly field trips that provide educational experiences outside of the classroom.

Dr. Kemba Chambers, President of Trenholm State Community College said, “We are definitely excited to host the Black Belt Scholars STEM Summer Enrichment Camp.” “Our faculty and staff, along with our River Region FAME Partners, have worked together to showcase STEM programs at Trenholm that will ultimately lead to high-wage, high-demand careers.  Providing an opportunity such as this for our Alabama youth speaks to what we are – A Community College”, continued Chambers.

Article submitted by Trenholm State Community College. 

All rights reserved, Gumptown Magazine, LLC. Copyright 2023. 


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