Walker plans to bring a unique perspective to Alabama Senate


Montgomery, AL- Commissioner Ronda Walker (R) is staying the course in the race for Alabama Senate District 25. There are some major changes that she would like to make as a State Senator.

“There are complicated issues that face our state like Medicaid, infrastructure, and prisons” Walker said. “We need to focus more on relationship building; understanding where people come from and where they are.”

Walker has a unique perspective to bring to the Senate. When it comes to education, she has two children enrolled in Montgomery Public Schools and will bring a parental viewpoint. If elected, Walker will be the only female Republican Senator. She says this will help bring balance and help change the tone of conversations.

In regards to the future of Alabama, Walker feels that we have to provide opportunities to millennials. She also sees potential in state that is untapped. This, she believes, can create opportunities for workforce development and training. “We have to recruit and retain young people in the State of Alabama. We have to make sure we are creating a quality of life and quality of place.”

People, policy, and government are three things that Walker have always been passionate about. At the age of 16, Walker called City Councilman Billy Turner to complain about a blind intersection in her neighborhood. She asked for them to replace the yield sign with a stop sign because the intersection was too dangerous. Councilman Turner sent a crew out to take and look and a week later a stop sign was erected. This was an impactful moment for a young girl who wasn’t even old enough to vote. “Our leaders have to listen when we talk, but we have to talk. We have to speak up. My advocacy helped save someone’s life.”

Walker has a lengthy resume of public service. Upon graduating Troy University, Walker worked in Washington D.C. on the legislative staff of U.S. Senator Shelby for several years. In 2010, she was asked to serve on the congressional staff of Congresswoman Martha Roby. In 2014 Walker was appointed to serve on the Montgomery County Commission and was elected in to serve a four year term in 2016.

Ronda Walker is happily married to Jason Walker. They have 4 children: Margaret (9), Eli (10), Grant (17), and Hugh (18).

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