Who Would You Sleep With For $75,000


By Andre J Thomas

Entertainment Blogger

Jan. 6 2016

Well, it’s 2016 and I feel GREAT! In this week’s #conversation, I decided to hit the ground running. Having an unadulterated conversation, filled with truth and transparency, mixed with a little bit of wishful thinking and humor may be the element needed to help brighten up our day.

Don’t be afraid to read this article. Don’t be afraid to analyze yourself as it relates your sexual fantasies. If this article shines a light into your soul, and makes ya say, “well, it is 75 racks,” then I’ve honestly done my job lol. 

Heck if you like this story, tag someone that you’ll sleep with for $75,000 and tell them you want your money in CASH! lol


Using  Lamar Odom’s story as the focal point on this commentary, one of my friends played on the fact that Lamar spent $75,000 at a brothel. After I did my research, I noticed that ABCNews did a very similar story where it published that 3 out of 10 men (Over The Age of 30), admitted to paying for sex.

Lamar isn’t the only Hollywood star that was found paying for sex. According to the richest.com, a number of celebrities have paid for sexual services. Famed talk show, Jerry Springer “allegedly” resigned from politics when it was discovered that he paid for sex. Evangelical pastor, Ted Haggard who founded theNew Life Church in Colorado allegedly admitted to paying masseur Mike Jones for sex for three years. Golf icon, Tiger Woods allegedly paid up to $60,000 for sex. With just those few people, we can assume that nearly $250,000 was spent on sex! Would you become a sex worker for that kinda income? 

In mere conversation with random people on Facebook, I chuckled at the number of guys who secretly said they would have no qualms with having sex for $75,000. 


Women, don’t laugh to hard at the fellahs. I hear there is a guy in the UK who makes $7,000 a night as an escort! (Click here to read more of that story)

I even found this article posted online! (Click the image to read more of this story).

In times as these, PEOPLE WANT MONEY. Finding a job seems to be a daunting task SO people are turning themselves into sex laborers. This seems to be a job that even a felon can get into without a background check lol. Like, do you really ask your boy toy, “Are you a felon?”

It doesn’t even matter what you look like. If you are paying, people are doing.  If you’re good at what you do, the money is there! Furthermore, people have their guards up with prostitutes, so they tend to wear protection; appearing to make it a safer option compared to random sexual encounters from social media or the club. 

I know you’re probably saying, “Andre – that makes me a prostitute!” Well truthfully speaking, when a woman says, “I won’t have sex with him unless he gives me XYZ items,” what you’ve just done is put a price tag on the value of your sex!  Maybe your sexual value is a sack of weed, while more exclusive prostitutes have a value of thousands a night. In Vegas, it’s still a career that earns a living. Yep, I know this commentary isn’t one that we want to hear, but chile.. this is what our world has become.

Embracing this concept, really means that America has evolved into a society that says sex for money is okay and can be a lucrative career.


The American Association of Family & Marriage Therapy stated that nearly 12 MILLION people are addicted to sex in the United States alone. So, where Americans spend their money may possibly reflects where their true passions really are. Currently, America’s passion is on sex and not on ending world hunger, race relations, or illiteracy.

While dong my research, one commentator told me, “you know how much sex I would give for  $75,000?” 

Laugh at the memes about “tax time,” because this is going to be a reality for some people

I’m not here to really bash people who pay for sex, nor the ones selling their bodies. I really chose to put it out there because people seem to be ashamed to say that they do it! Let’s be clear, this commentary is no way written to infer that I pay for sex either! It was written for mere entertainment purposes.

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