1619161_581237328637579_1636215448_nBY: Anthoney Lewis

On Saturday, February 15th, 2nd Chance Community Services and Connecting the Body of Christ Fellowship presented a Community Forum at Harrison Elementary School. The forum lasted from 10AM- Noon. The forum gave residents the opportunity to voice their concerns and ideas to restore hope and expand opportunities through new activities and services in the Harrison Elementary School building.

There were about 25 local residents in attendance. One resident mentioned that there is a lack of hope in the community and that we need individuals to share their stories of success. Another concern was that the community needs to hear from someone with a strong influence and someone that they can relate to who understands their struggle. “We need to identify the struggles of others through empathy and not sympathy” said Tafeni English, founder of Eve’s Circle, “One model doesn’t fit all. You have to bring others to a place of hope and faith”.

2nd Chance Community Services will serve as a finance and developmental institution that will offer credit and debt counseling, education. 2nd Chance Community Services is a coalition of community partners including SAYNO, Inc., Eve’s Circle, Women of Refined Gold, Montgomery Community Development Services, The National Institute for Human Development, and Second Chance Investments. The next Forum is Saturday March 29th, same time and place.

For more information you can contact Timothy Williams at 334-239-9889 or [email protected]