AlabamaONE Credit Union restructuring to prepare for future opportunities


Tuscaloosa, ALAlabamaONE (AlabamaONE) Credit Union, Tuscaloosa, AL has
experienced tremendous growth and success over the past year and is anticipating further growth in the coming years as the Credit Union expands its footprint to become a statewide franchise. With the recent, seamless integration of Alabama Rural Electric Credit Union (ARECU) into its operations and the announced purchase of the First Bank of Linden (FBOL) expected to close in early 2021, AlabamaONE is re-aligning its key Member Service/Business Development areas and internal TEAM Member Development/Oversight areas to prepare for these exciting opportunities in the future. AlabamaONE is proud to announce the following restructuring within its TEAM.

Audrey O’Neal named Chief People Officer

Audrey O’Neal

Audrey joined AlabamaONE in 2018 to lead the Credit Union’s Human Resource area. Audrey joined AlabamaONE from the University of Alabama’s Human Resource area and is a graduate of Mississippi State University. Audrey’s leadership during the pandemic and the care that she showed for the AlabamaONE TEAM has well prepared her to expand her overall supervision and leadership within AlabamaONE. Audrey will continue to lead the Human Resources area, and will now also oversee all of the AlabamaONE TEAM’s internal development and TEAM engagement. Audrey is a member of AlabamaONE’s Leadership TEAM.

Martin Houston named Senior Director of Membership Growth

Martin Houston

Martin joined AlabamaONE in 2016 to establish and lead the Credit Union’s newly formed insurance agency, AlabamaONE Agency, and as a member of the Leadership TEAM. Martin is a graduate of the University of Alabama. Martin previously operated his own insurance agency and was initially on AlabamaONE’s newly constituted Board of Directors. Because Martin has a deep passion for promoting financial education and an intense desire to positively impact the communities that we serve, he began to oversee all of our financial wellness activities last year. Martin will continue to oversee all of AlabamaONE’s insurance activities as it expands its operations with the purchase of FBOL; all financial wellness seminars, training, and
conferences; and will now provide guidance for all external business development activities for AlabamaONE.

Jacquie Johnson will Lead all Outreach Efforts

Jacquie Johnson

Jacquie Johnson joined AlabamaONE in early 2019 and quickly established AlabamaONE as a leader in providing financial education to its Members, local nonprofits, churches and community groups. Jacquie is a graduate of Georgia Southern University. Jacquie leads the AlabamaONE Foundation efforts and will now lead all of AlabamaONE’s community outreach activities. Cecilia Waits (previously with ARECU) located in Montgomery and Tanya Winstead located in Tuscaloosa are a part of Jacquie’s TEAM. Jacquie and her TEAM will report to Martin Houston.

Brittany Floyd named Senior Director of Business Development

Bittany Floyd

Brittany has had several key roles within AlabamaONE, but has recently led the organization’s strategic business development efforts. Since taking over this business development role, Brittany has significantly increased the number of businesses that are part of the AlabamaONE family. In addition to serving as the primary contact for these groups, Brittany is responsible for identifying new potential businesses throughout the state of Alabama to join the AlabamaONE family. She will also oversee the business development work within the twenty-three Alabama Rural Electric Cooperatives. Brittany is a graduate of the University of Alabama. The Business
Development TEAM will round out the Membership Growth area reporting into Martin Houston.

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