Buckner has plans to grow the Democratic Party

By Jamal Thomas

Montgomery, AL- Zack Buckner is a candidate for State Democratic Executive Committee (SDEC) District 75.  He has plans to grow and expand the Democratic party.

“I think that we can get more unity in the state” Buckner shared. “I can contribute to getting more unity and strengthening the party. We need to make the party more attractive to draw in more people.”

Buckner says that there should be more Democrats in statewide offices. With Doug Jones winning the U.S. Senate seat, Buckner believes that the Democratic Party will hold offices in areas other than Montgomery and Birmingham.

To grow and expand the Democratic Party, Buckner says that we must attract Millennials. “I believe in training our youth on party procedures and preparing them to seek public office.”

SDEC District 75 consists of far East Montgomery, Pike Road, Waugh, and the southern part of Elmore County. The SDEC is the governing body and includes men and women from all 105 state house districts.

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