Vandiver plans to bring data experience to school board

By Jamal Thomas

Montgomery, AL– Marcus Vandiver (D) is in the race for Montgomery School Board District 1. He believes in decisions that are data-driven.

Vandiver is currently an employee with the Alabama Department of Education. His responsibilities include data analysis, data collection, and interpretation of data. He has researched various topics to include federal programs, school improvement, and safety. “Data is my specialty. And I definitely believe in being data-driven.”

With his experience, Vandiver understands how to make decisions that are data-driven. To him, data- driven results help measure goal attainment, and determine the best direction to move forward. In addition, Vandiver believes that research helps you to further engage into what you are examining. “When you use data, most of the time you are going to be successful. “

Vandiver feels that the current school board needs new direction and new ideas. He also feels that the community is ready for new leadership. “This whole city is impacted by the school system. The city’s growth is dependent on it.”

As a parent, Vandiver believes in putting students first. He says that we need to make sure that students have a good foundation in reading and math. He also says that students deserve a challenging curriculum, so they can have more options when they graduate. Based on his research on organizational behavior, Vandiver believes that we should invest in creating a positive culture in our schools. Doing so will have a positive impact on student achievement.

Vandiver has almost 20 years of experience in education. He is a former middle school and high school teacher for Montgomery Public Schools and is now an adjunct professor. Vandiver holds a doctorate in education leadership, policy, and law from Alabama State University. He is happily married with three children.

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