City Councilor hosts Breast Cancer Awareness Forum


By Jamal Thomas

October 26, 2021

Montgomery, AL- Councilor Oronde Mitchell hosted a Breast Cancer Awareness Community Conversation at City Hall.

Several survivors shared their stories of dealing with breast cancer and how it impacted their lives mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

“It’s not a death sentence” one survivor shared.

“Self exams are very important” another survivor who was diagnosed at age 23 shared.

Breast Cancer Awareness Forum at Montgomery City Hall

Dr. Brooke Robinson with The Jackson Clinic shared facts about breast cancer. Dr. Robinson also talked about symptoms and risk factors. “Early detection is key” Dr. Robinson said. “Establish a relationship with a primary care provider.”

After losing his mother to breast cancer, Councilor Mitchell has been inspired to assure that more families get informed and are aware of the options to promote wellness post-diagnosis.

One of Mitchell’s endeavors is to raise $5,000 for Breast Cancer Awareness by the end of October. He says that he is halfway to reaching the goal.

“We want to make sure we promote breast cancer awareness” Mitchell said. “We have to understand how this cancer affects so many people.”

Mitchell has a partnership with The Breast Cancer Research Foundation of Alabama.

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