Crown of Tha South Battle League- A Positive Rap Music Movement


We took the time to speak with the CEO of Crown of Tha South Benjamin Bearden.

Tell us about Crown of Tha South Battle League?

We are the premier battle rap league in Alabama. Based outta the Capital City of Montgomery Alabama, we bring MC’s to the ring to battle it out round for round for supremacy. Showcasing the talented lyricists and respected battle rappers in the southern region. We are a League built with fans of Real Rap and the battle rap culture.

 What motivated you to pursue such an endeavor?

Somebody had to try something that appeals to us. Our crime rate in our city is too high in the black community. It was obvious our brothers and sisters are seeking relief. Crown of Tha South provides an outlet that encourages channeling our hoods pain and frustration and anger of being in these streets towards a positive source. The source that bonds our culture. Our love for the craft of rhyming and hip-hop music. I encourage them to kill with BARZ instead of Bullets. The adrenalin rush of watching two talented MC’s stand toe to toe  and go bar for bar. It’s a test of brains not brawn, only to salute each other out of respect for the others lyrical ability. That’s what motivates me. Classic battles.

 How will this benefit the rap music industry in Alabama?

Our affiliates and supporters range vastly from local up and coming producers and MC’s to graphic designers to legends and Vets on the music scene. These resources are all available right here in Montgomery. We aim to bring exposure to some of the hidden extraordinary talent that’s right here on our own blocks. Bringing back competition and Real Rap.

 Are there any requirements to joining the League?

Interested MC’s can look us up on the web or email me at [email protected] for information on getting in the ring to battle. Our fans and supporters, on the other hand, become League Members the very first time you pay entry to any CoTS event. You will be issued a membership card at the door for you to keep and register simply by clicking “Like” on our league page ( and Subscribing to the Leagues YouTube channel(search Crown of Tha South Battle League). This will keep you current with the league’s moves and events.

 How often does CoTS host rap battles?

The league hosts battles every month at Ikonz Bar&Grill 3439 MCGHEE RD Montgomery Alabama. We don’t stop there. We host battles all over the city from local Babershops, Rim Shops, College campuses, Urban Appearal Shops, and more.

 Where do you see CoTS in the future?

With our grind approach, dedicated fans and strong sponsorships the sky is the limit for this movement. As our support and fans base grows we will continue to expand and bring more talent to the forefront out of the capital city and do what we do best, classic battles.

The battle scheduled for October 12th has been rescheduled to October 19th. This Saturday. We feature some of the best battle rappers in Alabama. All representing the Montgomery based league.


Benjamin C.Bearden

Crown of Tha South Battle League C.E.O.



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