Former Football Coach Duwan Walker launches program for student-athletes


By Jamal Thomas January 7, 2020

Montgomery, AL- The NCAA eligibility process for student athletes can be very cumbersome. This process can be very complicated for some parents as well. This is why former South Alabama, UAB, and Jacksonville State assistant coach Duwan Walker developed Hi.Ed, a web-based program that automates the eligibility process for students.

Hi.Ed is a system that interprets a students’ high school transcripts into a simpler form so that parents, teachers, and coaches can track that students’ progress towards graduation and NCAA eligibility.

“This builds transparency between recruiters and parents” Walker said. “It helps parents understand that the NCAA eligibility process is different from high school.”

Walker recently hosted a training session for teachers and coaches at Robert E. Lee High School. During the training he explained how Hi.Ed is able to interpret transcripts in such a way that will help track where a student stands as far as college admission and career readiness. “This helps fill in the missing gaps. Many student-athletes don’t keep track of their transcripts.”

The purpose of Hi.Ed is to bring awareness by helping students and parents understand the education component of the recruiting process.

There are currently 22 schools in Alabama that use the program.

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