Sherriff Cunningham shares concerns about mental health and gun violence


By Jamal Thomas January 7, 2020

Montgomery, AL- The Montgomery County Democratic Conference (MCDC) held its first meeting of the New Year earlier last night. The meeting was held at the Alabama Democratic Conference Headquarters.

Montgomery County Sherriff Derrick Cunningham was the guest speaker. He started with addressing mental health and how the community needs to be more engaged. One concern he had was the lack of funding and mental health facilities.

“Mental health is something that my agency is starting to see a lot of” Cunningham said. “We need assistance dealing with mental health issues and citizens is crisis mode. There is a lack of funding for de-escalation training and crisis prevention training.”

Gun violence was another topic that Cunningham discussed. He talked about how guns are accessible to youth in local communities. He also shared how many families and seniors are living in fear due to gun violence. “Until we take back our communities, we are going to continue to have these problems.”

Cunningham plans to address these concerns in the upcoming Legislative Session.

After speaking Cunningham distributed information about the Sherriff’s Office Firearms Familiarization Course and the Citizen’s Academy.

The Montgomery County Democratic Conference meetings are held the first Monday of every month at 6:00 p.m. except September.

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