From Juvenile Delinquent to Juvenile Instructor


Submitted by Hope Inspired Ministries

Montgomery, AL- Hope Inspired Ministries (HIM) was established in 2012 as a faith-based, non-profit designed to serve those who are unemployed by preparing and equipping them to obtain, maintain, and excel at employment. This ministry truly believes in the importance of developing individual worth, personal responsibility, and promoting the value and honor of work. In doing so, God is honored and hope revealed. The goal of Hope Inspired Ministries is simple: introduce a way of life that promotes the emotional, physical, and spiritual maturity in each student.

KK Middleton embodies the personal experience and pedagogy needed to educate and service the young men and women of Central Alabama. What makes this ministry different is relationship. Hope Inspired Ministries believes that in order for the formula to work, one must recruit people who can connect with each student on a personal level, have a willingness to walk in the journey, and hold them accountable to meet high standards until the transformation is complete.

Mr. Middleton’s extensive background as a juvenile delinquent, father, entrepreneur, advocate, pastor, educator, grandfather, and now Career Prep Instructor has given him a template on how to navigate life even when the odds are against you. Little did he know that 30 years ago, when all hope seemed lost, his life story would someday become the prototype and blueprint used to successfully carry out the motto of Hope Inspired Ministries “Teach People how to Fish”.

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