Gumptown Business Spotlight- Davis Fine Jewelers


By DiVonta Palmer

Montgomery, AL—There are many jewels in our society that we describe as valuable. We have gold, diamonds, pearls, rubies, among others. These items can range from any price and size and are no doubt very beautiful to look at. But there are a few other things in our society that are far greater in value than these sparkling rocks. Those things are our families, our faith, and even our friends. There is a man who is a family man, a man of faith, and a man who is a friend. This man is Carl Davis, CEO and Graduate Master Jeweler of Davis Fine Jewelers, located at 2843 E. South Blvd in Montgomery, and he is indeed a true jewel to behold.

Davis has been in the business of fine jewels for over 50 years with 40 of those years here in Montgomery. He says that as a youth, he desired a piece of jewelry but could not afford it. So instead, he made his own bracelet using a fork and a few tools. “When I was a kid, about 13 or 14 years old, I wanted a bracelet and I couldn’t afford to buy one. So, I swiped one of my mama’s forks and sat down on the curb. I got some pliers, some steel wool, and a hammer, and I beat it into submission. I got it into the shape that I wanted it to be, shined it up with the steel wool, and put it on my wrist,” he explained. He goes on to say that when he wore the bracelet the next day at school, his teacher was so impressed with what he had done and offered him $10 for it. “And the rest of it is history!” he exclaimed.

Not only is he a jeweler, but he is also a pastor. “I can’t do anything else. There are two things God has given me the gift to do: One is to be a jeweler and the other is to be a pastor. I can’t be separated from either one. I have tried and it doesn’t work,” he explained. He truly is a man of the people for he wants his customers to have a pleasant experience, to feel comfortable, and safe when doing business with him. Davis also shared that according to the Alabama Jewelers Association, they are the only black owned and operated fine jewelry store in the state.

As a black business owner, Davis says that he faces a certain level of challenges and pressure he faces each day. “There is no real joy in being first because you carry the blunt of all of those people who will come behind you. You have a responsibility of making sure you get it right and everyone is watching you,” he said.

With changing trends, Davis makes sure he stays up to date on the latest equipment and new information in the jewelry market.

Davis is more than just what his titles imply him to be. He is doing all of this not just for himself, but the generations that are willing to listen and learn from him and the ones to come.

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