Goodwyn Middle School hosts Father/Son Luncheon

James E. Lovejoy

By Jamal Thomas

May 4, 2019

Montgomery, AL– Goodwyn Middle School hosted a Father/Son Luncheon yesterday afternoon. Fathers had the opportunity to come and enjoy lunch with their sons. There were also fathers who came to “adopt” young men whose fathers were not able to attend.

“I am glad to see so many fathers here” said Thaddeus Thompson, 6th grade Math Teacher and Master of Ceremonies for the luncheon. “This helps us to see the positive side.”

Sixth Grade Math Teacher Thaddeus Thompson

James E. Lovejoy was the luncheon’s keynote speaker. He conveyed to fathers the importance of having a father-son relationship.

“It’s a beautiful sight to see fathers with their sons” Lovejoy said. “There is nothing like a father-son relationship.”

Lovejoy told fathers that they should be the most important role-models in their child’s life. He also encouraged them to love at all costs. “Love you son’s mother and treat her with respect. Your son needs love regardless of the choices they make because your love and guidance will help build trust.

When it comes to leadership, Lovejoy expressed how fathers should be servant-leaders to their families. He believes that fathers should be always be present in a child’s life, including education, social life, and other areas. In addition, Lovejoy believes that you should always give your child affirmation, because the need encouragement.  

Another topic that Lovejoy addressed was discipline. He stated how important it to discipline with love. “When you discipline with love you set boundaries and expectations.”

The mission of Goodwyn Middle School is to engage, educate and inspire students to succeed in college, career and beyond. For more information about the Father/Son Luncheon and other events call 334-260-1021.

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