Gumptown Spotlight- Dr. Quinton T. Ross Jr.

By Jamal Thomas

Montgomery, AL- Dr. Quinton T. Ross, Jr. is preparing to celebrate his second year as President of Alabama State University (ASU). Since taking office in the Fall of 2017, Dr. Ross has literally hit the ground running. His work speaks for itself and proves his dedication and commitment to the university. Overall, Dr. Ross says that serving as ASU’s 15th President is a wonderful experience.

A graduate of ASU, Dr. Ross says that he is humbled to serve as the 15th President. While attending ASU, Dr. Ross served as President of the Student Government Association (SGA). In that role, Dr. Ross was able to receive professional training by working with former ASU Presidents Leon Howard, C.C. Baker, and Joe Lee. “It’s a wonderful experience being able to wake up every day to come to a place that was so instrumental in my life.”

Since becoming president, Dr. Ross has made students a top priority. The Office of Student Affairs has been re-organized to serve as a “one-stop-shop”, creating one central location for student resources. With a focus on student success, Dr. Ross established an Open-Door Policy. Students can make appointments to discuss various issues. “This is an opportunity to provide guidance and instruction to our students.”

To provide opportunities for faculty and staff, Dr. Ross held the first Unified Faculty and Staff Institute. He said that he wanted the faculty and staff to understand that ASU is one big family. In addition, Dr. Ross has instituted procedures that focus on fiscal stability. Dr. Ross says that these procedures will help the university save money over time.

When it comes to the community, Dr. Ross describes ASU as a “Communiversity”. Dr. Ross has developed partnerships with businesses, neighborhoods, and other stakeholders. “Together we are one Montgomery” Dr. Ross stated. “We are here for the community and we are open for business.”

After celebrating ASU’s Sesquicentennial upon taking office, Dr. Ross’ vision is to continue moving forward by focusing on student achievement and success. Moreover, he plans to increase external funding and develop more private and public partnerships. In addition, Dr. Ross plans to increase student enrollment.

Dr. Ross has many treasured memories of ASU. One of his favorites was when he talked about the beating of Rodney King by the Los Angeles Police Department during a television interview. “It was the first time that I took a mic to speak into a TV camera as SGA President. We decided to host a rally on campus to express our concern in a positive way.”

ASU has received much support from the city, county, and state. Over $1 million was raised at the ASU Foundation Gala last year. Dr. Ross says that this demonstrates the community’s commitment to ASU.

Dr. Ross is a native a Mobile, AL. His family then relocated to Pontiac, MI. Dr. Ross earned his undergraduate, graduate, and post- graduate degrees at ASU. Prior to becoming President of his alma mater, Dr. Ross served in the Alabama Senate, representing District 26. Dr. Ross is happily married with two children.

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