JABO One on One with Jabo


How long have you been pursuing your career?
For about 5 years. I was shot in 2006 and that was a wake-up call for me to do something positive.

How can people get hold to your music?
Reverbnation and LiveMixtapes.com. You can also go to other music sites and search “Jabo”.

Describe your first performance.
I was a little nervous. I played drums in church so I was use to performing in front of crowds. My first show was at an ASU Talent Show in Thelma Glass Auditorium in 2008. I got booed. This pushed me to better and get more serious.

Tell us about your current projects.
My current project is Alabama Talking II. I have DJ Frank White and DJ Jukebox from Birmingham. Producers Beat Champ and Super L helped out. I have a feature with Deuce Komradz and a feature with Yo Gotti coming soon.

As an artist, what are some challenges you’ve overcome?
Negativity. People saying that I couldn’t do it. Many people hate on you and don’t want you to succeed because they feel like you are surpassing them.