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The ongoing hurdles of 2013 continue as we approach the finish line with only more economic battles to come. As a community and also as hopeful individuals of better days to come; we sit back and watch as the concerns of our society are sustained into mundane irrelevance. How do we bridge this gap? Have you expressed your community concerns? Society will slow down for no individual and we all have been impacted to some extent by the current governmental hurricane whether that was family oriented, individually, friend or coworker. Perhaps a furlough or household income decrease was the negatively inspired catheter. Either way, as a citizen, parent, concerned neighbor, employee or employer the air and ground we share are common and the goal is to strive for a better tomorrow, today. Voicing our concerns and appropriate representation paves the way to secure the gem of the future. In essence, allowing the opinion of the people validates the onward stagecoach to success in the world today.  

How do we make this happen? It all stems from representation. A representative is one that serves or acts as an example for others, an individual speaking on behalf of and standing on those beliefs. It is inevitable that the representative is one that will be a voice for the people. In order to secure this representation the individual must be able to listen and know the things that are facee each and every day.  Misrepresentation has been one of the subsequent factors of this stalemate we have seen across Alabama’s District 2. The battle starts in the communities. Don’t sit back and allow decisions to be made that do not express your concerns.

Erick Wright stands for the people and is an expression of building an empire for the future solely based on the concerns of the people. It is long over due, that an individual of appropriate demeanor provide our beliefs and concerns to the decision and law – makers. Erick Wright is a voice of the people and is seeking the same goals that impact the everyday lives of modern society.  In order to start and express change he believes in putting action plans in place to build a better tomorrow.  Not only is he an activist but also he is a representative of what our society needs.  Instead of complaining of the mundane do nothing politics that are faced ever day express your concerns. Allow someone to adequately express the pains and tribulations faced in the normal day-to-day lives of true tax payers, allow someone to be a replica of the struggles and upward climbs that some upper class citizens may never experience. A government by the people should be a relevant factor of the concerns of the people. Without appropriate representation the ongoing trends will continue. Erick Wright, activist, neighbor, friend, consultant, businessman, amongst all of these things and many more being true he is a representative that will fight for the changes needed. Verify your voice is being heard make sure that your representative is representing you. 

Erick Wright for Congress


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