MONTGOMERY — Anthony Daniels, Alabama House Democratic Leader and candidate for the newly drawn 2nd Congressional District, released the following statement on Congress’ passed resolution to avert a government shutdown and extend the 2018 Farm Bill through September 2024:

“Farmers across southern Alabama can breathe a sigh of relief thanks to this extension of the farm bill headed to the president’s desk, but there’s still so much uncertainty and work ahead. The farm bill isn’t just a collection of programs—it’s America’s rural agenda. The extension rightly continues relief and support to farmers and rural communities during a tenuous time rife with multiple global conflicts and rising prices here at home. It’s past time for Congress to pass a new farm bill that meets today’s challenges and supports some of our most vulnerable communities.

“I’m confident that Congress can find a bipartisan solution, just like I’ve done here in the Alabama State House on multiple issues. Americans have had enough of politicians who play to the extremes and are looking for common sense experienced leadership that can deliver for working families. When I’m in Congress, I’ll work hard to be that voice for the second district and continue delivering on the things our families need.”

About Representative Anthony Daniels
Representative Anthony Daniels is running for Congress in Alabama’s recently redrawn second congressional district. Daniels is the youngest House Minority Leader in state history and the first Black man to hold the position. Prior to his career in public service, Anthony Daniels was a teacher. He grew up in the small town of Midway, Alabama, and graduated from Bullock County High School prior to earning a bachelor’s degree in elementary education and a master’s degree in special education from Alabama A&M University.

Rep. Daniels’ ability to build consensus – on both sides of the political divide – has resulted in public policy that strengthens Alabama’s economy, creates good-paying jobs, and opportunity for all Alabamians.

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