Leadership Autauga helps local nonprofit with remodeling


By Jacob Caffey

Communications Intern

I had the pleasure of interviewing Tim Haseltine, who serves as the Project Coordinator for the Leadership Autauga 2019-2020 Adult Class. The course was designed to build, enhance, and mold the leadership skills within Autauga County. In Leadership Autauga participants go through a process where they are trained, educated, and informed in the knowledge and skills needed to assist their communities in determining and achieving desired goals and future plans.

This year, the class’ focus for their assigned project was nonprofits, and the Autauga Interfaith Care Center (AICC) in Prattville, Alabama was the first choice for the team. The center assists impoverished residents of Autauga County facing temporary difficulties. During the 9-month program, the class went on retreats to get acquainted with one another and was given a set of projects that the AICC wanted and needed to be done. The AICC was enthused with Leadership Autauga partnering on this project with them that they agreed to match every dollar that Leadership Autauga raised. This year’s class had 15 members, which included Gumptown Magazine’s CEO Jamal Thomas.

During the planning phase of the projects, Haseltine says that “Nonprofits was the first topic of discussion, with two subtopics of education and economic development.” The first project was to turn a janitor’s closet into a laundry room for the AICC. The second project was to install an electrical outlet outside of the building which was done with the help of Caldwell & Sons Electrical and Plumbing. The third project, which was temporarily halted due to the COVID-19 crisis, was to transform a storage attic into a 2,000 square foot upstairs workroom that could also serve as a multipurpose room.

The purpose of this remodel was to give more room for the AICC volunteers to easily sort through the many bags of donated clothes they receive at the facility each week. The room is now complete and includes a new LED lighting system as well as a new air conditioning unit. It is currently being used as planned. 

You can reach the Autauga Interfaith Care Center (AICC) on their Facebook page under the same name or call at (334)365-4080. 

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