Local Motivational Speaker Shares Her Passion for Building Self-Esteem


    Local Motivational Speaker Shares Her Passion for Building Self-Esteem

    By Anthoney Lewis

    Gumptown Magazine

    December 14, 2015

    new gennice(Montgomery, AL )Motivational speakers help individuals deal with confidence issues. They encourage people by telling them they can achieve anything that their heart may desire. Motivational speakers are mentors who provide guidance and inspiration. This is why Gennice Burch decided to be a motivational speaker.

    Gennice Burch has been a motivational speaker for seven years now. She says that motivational speaking is a ministry that helps others, and that is why she enjoys it so much. Her desire to become a motivational speaker stemmed from a life changing experience in her youth. “When I was younger, I had issues with my self-esteem and confidence. Then I met someone who told me that I was special and that I can achieve anything.” This experience encouraged her to pay it forward by giving back to others what was planted in her. That seed was guidance, and she wanted to share it.

    Burch calls herself a motivator and inspirational person. She helps youth, teenagers, and women who deal with confidence issues. “I help them so that they can be the best they can be. And I let them know that greatness is inside of them.”

    Burch can attribute some of her motivational speaking skills to Toastmasters International, a community and leadership organization. Toastmasters helps to build confidence to speak in front of audiences. Burch said that Toastmasters has helped her career by allowing her to become more polished in public speaking. She explained how the organization helped her overall speaking and pronunciation of words.  “I love Toastmasters. I get the cutting edge on leadership that I need.” Leadership is important to Burch. She believes that leadership allows her to give the guidance that her followers seek. Burch currently serves as the Area Director for Toastmasters.

    In an effort to reach out to the business community, “Pursue Your Dreams” was created. “Pursue Your Dreams” is an event where aspiring business owners and startups network and get motivational tips on how to build and grow a successful business. Burch has been hosting the event for three years now and actually sees herself in the realm for entrepreneurship for 2016. “I want to be in a position to help others and bring them up.”

    In addition to motivational speaking, Burch also is an event planner. She started in college by helping her friends and church with events. “It’s a fun thing to do” she says. Burch emcees events as well.

    Gennice Burch is happily married with five step-children. She has a love for God and enjoys working out, reading, and family. She currently resides in Montgomery, AL. She admonishes us to always stay humble and to achieve our dreams in the right way.

    If you would like Gennice Burch to speak at an engagement or to host an event please email [email protected]


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