Maddox plans to bring leadership that achieves results

By Jamal Thomas

Montgomery, AL– City of Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox (D) is in the race to be the next governor of Alabama. He says that our state needs leadership that focuses on results.

“I like achieving results and I know we can do better” Maddox said. “Our state needs leadership that focuses on establishing a common ground to do new things. We did it Tuscaloosa, we can do it in our state.”

Maddox has a proven track record of achieving results. He is nationally recognized for his leadership after an EF-4 tornado made its path through Tuscaloosa in 2011. “I was mayor during the worst economic conditions when a natural disaster destroyed 12.5 percent of the city.  I’ve been re-elected 3 times and we have been able to find common ground to find solutions.”

There are many issue in our state that Maddox would like to tackle. His main concern deals with healthcare. Maddox feels that many lives were jeopardized when former leadership rejected the Medicaid expansion. Regarding education, both of his parents were school teachers. Maddox recalls how his parents would always talk about their students and other people who needed help. He says both his parents valued respect.  “To me this was very important growing up. It was part of the culture of our family.”

With the future of Alabama in mind, Waddox believes Millennials play an important role. He says that they are the group who has to create a better Alabama for the future.

Maddox is a native of Tuscaloosa and was reared up in a neighborhood called Idlewood. He has a professional background in education and had been Mayor of Tuscaloosa since 2005. Maddox is married to Stephanie and has two children, Eli and Taylor.

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