By Aja McCullough

Montgomery, AL- Tabitha Isner is a candidate for Congress, Alabama District 2. Isner is a woman of God and she grew up in church. Isner has her Masters’ in Divinity, Public Policy from the University of Chicago. There she became an ordained minister. She has spent her career working in Public Policy, mostly in Early Childhood Education.

Isner became interested in running for Congress she saw the opportunity to change the political climate of the state of Alabama.  Isner is willing to provide real funding, organization, and helping people to find their voice.  “Strengthening the country starts by strengthening the local community.”

Isner also has plans for District 2. One plan focuses on healthcare for veterans. District 2 is highly populated with veterans between Maxwell Air Force Base and Fort Rucker. Right now there are many veterans who have to wait up to six months for medical treatment. Isner said that she is willing to take action to increase accessibility of care for veterans. Economic development is another area that Isner plans to focus on. She feels that Alabama’s economy lacks creativity. “We cannot employ everybody to work in the automotive industry or companies that are given enormous tax incentives.”

Tabitha Isner moved to Montgomery, Alabama because her husband was called to serve in a church in Montgomery. In 2014 Isner and her husband decided to become foster parents. The first child that they ever fostered, they decided to adopt a boy in May 2017. Currently, Isner works full-time as a Business Analyst for a software company that builds web-based applications to support the child care and early learning workforce.

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