Nikia Smith- A Song Bird Like None Other


A self made woman and mother of two boys, Nikia Smith wants to leave this Earth known for her gift. “I started singing at the age of 4 in the church choir”, said Smith. Nikia Smith developed the art of singing from her mother who would sing around the house while Smith was growing up. Born in New Jersey, but raised in Greenville, Alabama is the place where Nikia would grow and learn her way in the world. Smith is not considered in any particular genre of music, but “As long as it’s tasteful, I’m down for it”, expressed Smith. She has a wide range of music that she is familiar with from R&B, Gospel, and Neo-Soul. You can hear Nikia sings at certain places such as “My Place”, “Village Gallery”, etc.

Q: Do you have any original music of your own?

Smith: Working on an album titled “My Soul Redeemed”, which is like an inspirational album. Also “Love Story”, “Guess what his name is”, and “Testimony” all thanking God for everything he has took me through.

Q: Who are some other artists you have worked with in the industry?

Smith: I’ve worked with Montgomery native Doe B on a collaboration track titled “Smile”, and top notch producers Bao Pham, Bolo “Da” Producer, Kevin “She’kspehere” Briggs, Thomas “Tom Cat” Bennett.

 Q: What is your motivation behind continuing to pursue your music career?

Smith: My kids, and the world we live in today. I want to have purpose with what I do, and before I leave this Earth I want to be an Icon. My mission and my goal is to never be a one hit wonder.

Q: How can people get in contact with you for bookings?

Smith: Instagram: @nikiasmith100 Facebook: nikiasmith100 Twitter: @nikiasmith100 Email to book shows [email protected]

By Octavius Combs