River Region United Way offering Community Investment Grants


Montgomery, AL- The River Region United Way (RRUW) currently funds more than 90 programs across a community network of more than 40+ affiliate agencies in four key areas: Health, Education, Financial Stability and Basic Needs. While these programs directly impact nearly 135,000 lives every year, our most recent community needs assessments in Lowndes and Macon counties identified very specific needs for programs and services that still need to be addressed.

Our unique approach to solving problems allows assessed community need to guide and initiate our funding decisions. As such, RRUW is pleased to announce our second year of Community Investment Grants to help bridge existing service gaps. These grants will focus only on Lowndes and Macon Counties and are open to all area nonprofit organizations, including RRUW affiliate agencies, that can help address these needs.

Volunteers serving on our Community Impact Council recently conducted community needs surveys of nearly 150 local citizens and community leaders in Lowndes and Macon counties to help identify and prioritize needs. These surveys addressed the community’s perceptions of the most pressing local issues and priorities, and the community’s perceptions of how well these issues were being addressed. Based on the results of these assessments, it was determined that immediate assistance is needed to help address three program areas: Basic Needs (food insecurity for adults) , Health (Mental Health specifically), and Education (after school programs). These grants call for programs which will address Basic Needs/food insecurity for adults in Lowndes and Macon counties (up to $10,000 per county), Health/mental health services for children or adults in both counties (up to $10,000 per county), and also Education/after school programs for youth in both counties (up to $5,000 per county). These Community Investment Grants will help bridge gaps in services for people served in Lowndes and Macon counties.

Regardless of United Way affiliation, any qualifying 501c(3) organization may apply for these funds, between March 1-31, 2019. Certain qualifications will be expected and a brief Eligibility Quiz is available at the link below, along with the application and list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Grant applications will be accepted online only during the period of March 1, 2019 through midnight CST March 31, 2019.


For more details, contact Ann Cooper at [email protected] or Zachary Beasley at [email protected]

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