Seablue Technology- One on One with Cliff Prevo


Tell us about Sea Blue Technologies.


Seablue was founded in 2003 with the vision of enabling small businesses to use technology and advertising to more effectively grow, manage and protect their business. Seablue offers the most affordable pricing for digital advertising


– Seablue has master graphic designers who working major national media companies and years of experience.


– Seablue provides the ability to change or cater your ads to your immediate business, changes are real-time.


– Seablue is locally owned and operated and gives back to the community through disaster relief and support.The digital billboards located on storage units are there to provide a community service in times of disaster.

Each unit is filled with emergency supplies available to area EMA officers as first responders to natural and area disasters.

How has acquiring bill boards helped the business?


SeaBlue knows how advertising can help or hinder your business’ overall success. As an IT and media consulting services provider, Seablue has the education, training, and real world knowledge to help your company choose the best technology and advertising to support your business goals.

What challenges do you face in getting businesses to use your services?

 Not having the house hold name as some of the bigger digital signs in the river region.


Why is it important to advertise?



How does technology play a role in the way businesses advertise?


Businesses can reach more people in a shorter time frame with real time information about what they are doing and where they are doing it. Also
Our Support Center is always open.  24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  You call, we answer.  You get to speak with a live person who is actually just down the street not around the world.  We deliver some of the fastest response times in the industry and its all because of technology.


How can businesses take an integrative approach to advertising?


Businesses can use the media to deliver a message to the world just by clicking one button.



How can someone contact Seablue Technologies?


We can be reached on our website or at (334) 625-9336.

By Anthoney Lewis