Two Local Business Owners Team Up to host Social Media Workshops


Montgomery, AL (Gumptown Magazine)

Dr. Kenley Obas and Lutalo Aryee hosted another workshop on Social Media. The workshop was held inside the Small Business Incubator downtown May 19. The purpose of these workshops is to teach small business owners how to capitalize off social media.

“Social Media should be 15% of your marketing” said Lutalo Aryee a strategic social media expert. He talked about how to get more customers with social media. “Understanding your market is the key when it comes to social media.”

Lutalo Aryee is the owner of A Simple Business Solutions.

Lutalo said he figured out a way to profit off social media while lying in bed for several months from a tragic accident.

Dr. Kenley Obas talked about Pay-Per-Click advertising. Owner of web solutions company Kindred Technology Group, Dr. Obas explained how to maximize ROI from each click.

For information on the next workshop, contact Dr. Obas at 1-866-546-4969 or Lutalo Aryee at 334-226-2272.



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