Does it Matter How You Dress?

Denise- Fashion Editor @shestylztoo

Do you dress well? Do you think it matters? I spoke to a millennial recently she stated as long as your face is beat (makeup done to perfection) it doesn’t matter what you wear, your clothes can be ragged and you will still look good.

Do you believe this? Why? Why have we fallen so far from Class and Elegance?  You go to Walmart and see ladies walking around in their night clothes, hair bonnet and house shoes. Do they not have clothes? Yes they have clothes but unfortunately they just don’t care. Sadly we have stopped caring about ourselves. This generation does not care if their clothes are dirty and wrinkled. If they wash their face or brush their teeth (Yes your breath stinks).  If they comb their hair or even get a haircut. So how can you expect anyone else to care about you. They won’t and they don’t!! No one owes you anything, everything you get or don’t get comes from the hard work you put into it. Beyoncé practiced 11 hours a day to prepare for her Coachella performance. She made $8 million on the performance. She took pride in her presentation. You must take pride in YOU!

Take pride in the way you dress. If you don’t know how to dress ask someone who does. Be humble enough to ask for help, no one knows everything, I learn something new every day. Take pride in the way you speak. Take pride in the way you walk. Take pride in your community. Once you have Pride, people will give you the respect you think you deserve.

Denise- Fashion Editor
Denise- Fashion Editor

Fashion Editor

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