Public invited to comment on proposed Pike Road roundabouts


MONTGOMERY– The Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT), in collaboration with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the Town of Pike Road, is proposing the installation of roundabouts along Alabama Highway 126 and U.S. Highway 80 from Interstate 85 to Marler Road and some related roadway changes to how vehicles access those highways.   

ALDOT is proposing the installation of roundabouts at the intersections of

  • Alabama Highway 126 and Interstate 85 southbound ramps,
  • Alabama Highway 126 and U.S. Highway 80, and
  • U.S. Highway 80 and Marler Road. 

This area experiences a high traffic volume with congestion throughout the day that can back up onto I-85.  The proposed modifications to the roadway are designed to improve the flow and safety of traffic. 

Public meetings are typically held at a location near a proposed project with informational materials displayed and ALDOT staff available to answer questions regarding the project.  Due to COVID-19, ALDOT is adapting its public involvement approach for the health and safety of the public and ALDOT employees.  The same materials will be made available online as would be available in person. 

The public can go to to view a pre-recorded presentation on the project, see proposed plans, review information on roundabouts, and submit comments on the project. 

The presentation will be available on Wednesday, Sept. 2 and comments will be accepted until Friday, Oct. 2.  The public is highly encouraged to leave comments after viewing all presentations, renderings, and preliminary maps. 

For those needing special assistance, please contact Lisa Valier at the region office to schedule an appointment at [email protected]  or call (334) 353-6897.

ALDOT’s mission is to provide a safe, efficient, environmentally and economically sound transportation network across Alabama.

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